Decommissioning of former EDCS Manufacturing Plant

Services: Decommissioning Engineering, Project Management
Location: Texas, USA
Project Value: $0.91m

The former Electrolysis Sodium Dichromate chemical manufacturing unit was built in the late 1990’s with production ceasing in 2002. The plant contained a number of raw and finished chemicals within the tanks, vessels, kiln and pipework as well as a number of LIVE electrical and mechanical equipment that fed other parts of the site.​

The decommissioning phase comprised of the following activities:​

  • Removal and clean out of the EDCS kiln
  • Removal and decontamination of residual chemicals
  • Isolations and Disconnections of all services
  • Re-routing of LIVE services


The decommissioning phase of this project were carried out without any accidents or incidents and no disruption to manufacturing activities.​