Decommissioning of former Chromic Acid Manufacturing Plant

Services: Decomissioning Engineering, Project Management, Principle Designer
Location: Texas, USA
Project Value: $1.5m

As decommissioning engineers, we were appointed to oversee the safe decommissioning of the former Chromic Acid chemical manufacturing unit, built in the 1960’s with production ceasing in 2002. The plant contained a number of raw and finished chemicals within the tanks, vessels, dryer unit and pipework, and LIVE electrical and mechanical equipment that fed the adjacent Chrome Oxide manufacturing unit.​

The project involved developing a detailed strategy to safely carry out the following activities:​

  • Removal of Hazardous and Asbestos containing materials.​
  • Decontamination of any residual chemicals.​
  • Isolations and Disconnections of all services.​
  • Re-routing of LIVE services.​


Mark’s dedication to delivering projects safely was paramount to the success of this project. The decommissioning phase of this project was carried out without any accidents or incidents and no disruption to manufacturing activities.